August 31, 2009


I'm doing some research for an upcoming Bar Mitzvah we're working on and stumbled upon this totally fantastic Bat Mitzvah for Madisyn at Cipriani 42nd Street right in the heart of Manhattan. Photographed perfectly by Zlatko Batistich, it just goes to show that this coming of age is not something taken lightly by families OR designers. These spirited events are often the highlight of the year for the whole family—styled to the nines and beautifully rooted in age-old tradition. And yes, I'm kind of wishing I was friends with more 13-year-olds right now.

August 21, 2009

Pattern Lust

Well, now’s as good a time as any to introduce you to my huge love affair with pattern—specifically mixing and matching bold, eclectic patterns. Adding anywhere from a small touch to a big flood of pattern adds so much unexpected personality to an otherwise simple design.

It’s a great way to get creative too. Like a funky chair in a living room or a zebra print scarf, things like envelope liners, program covers, and even boutonnieres are great places to introduce patterned papers or fabrics and create a visual pop. Similar to a bright floral arrangement, it’s also a great way to inject vibrant color and attitude to your d├ęcor and put a modern spin on a classic white wedding.

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

left to right: potted plant table numbers via 100 Layer Cake; dyi paper boutonnieres via My DIY Wedding Day; fabric pattern by Amy Butler; fabric tied invitation suite via Old Sweet Song; Fabric and stitched Save the Dates letterpressed by Alee & Press via 100 Layer Cake; fabric escort cards via Elizabeth Anne Designs

left to right: wedding programs using handmade papers via Mica78; product packaging via Mica78; patterned envelope liners by A Friend of Mine; patterned invitation sleeves via Crafting a Green World

And finally just a few of the patterns I am loving right now:

patterned papers via Paper Mojo

August 17, 2009

Lovelies from White Owl

Today, I'm admiring this sweet handmade jewelry from White Owl (whose shop I discovered on Etsy.) Check out this out-of-this-world lace, beading and tulle woven among layers of bronze chain. And I especially love the way these shots are styled to match the tone of the jewelry and the person wearing it: romantic and nostalgic; intricate and fine, yet fervent and genuine—the long lost love letter of jewelry. I want to have coffee with the person wearing this stuff.

August 12, 2009

Ode to Vintage Stamps

No disrespect to the Liberty Bell. It's perfect for the cable or water bill, but some occasions call for something a bit more special, and we think a tapestry of vintage stamps might be just the perfect fix.

Vintage stamps are those little details that can create a big effect if paired right. If you're like us and love this sweet finishing touch, don't get discouraged if your local post office doesn't carry postal options that exactly match your mood, theme or the weight of your mail. Sites like Champion Stamp or Kenmore Stamps carry just about anything you can dream up, or sometimes for face value, you can find what you're looking for on ebay. For example, vintage flowers might be perfect for a garden wedding. Or retro peaches might be pair well with a swanky Savannah soiree.

3 Images: 100 Layer Cake

Just don't forget—it will take a lot of these beauties to add up to today's correct postage, so watch your math, and make sure to leave room for your calligrapher if you're using one. And, this is super important, all stamps you use must be unused/uncancelled so make sure if you order online, that is indeed what you are getting. With these tips in mind, happy stamping!

Image left: Martha Stewart; Image right: Warm Fuzzy via Flickr

Image left: Vintage Glam Weddings; Greta Garbo stamp: The Stamp Shop

August 3, 2009

Playing for Change

On a recent trip to Starbucks to get my usual summertime favorite (iced coffee and 2 Splendas) I found myself tapping my toe to a wonderful, worldly version of a familiar tune. It inspired me in such a way that I not only cracked a pre-caffeine smile, but I purchased the album, Playing for Change and jammed to it for a solid 2 weeks. Come to find out, Playing for Change is more than a catchy beat, it's a wonderfully touching experiment created to bring the world together through song. This crew has has traveled everywhere from the streets of California to Indian reservations to the villages of Africa recording the rawest of talent and the essence of humanity.

Here's the heartwarming video for the aforementioned song. No matter what you're doing today, we hope it lifts your spirits just a bit.