December 22, 2009

My Parents Were Awesome

As you half-begrudgingly pack the suitcase for another festive trip home for the holidays, we and the founders of blog phenom, My Parents Were Awesome, encourage you to pause for a moment to pay homage to your beloved 'rents. After all, they gave up a heck of a lot of awesomeness over the past 20-30 something years to pass the torch on to you.
Don't let mom fool you with her embroidered sweater or dad with his loafers and Ford Taurus. There are secrets locked behind that now salt-n-pepper mustache you may not even want to know. I'm talkin' chain-smoking, shirtless guitar-strumming, and rejection of established institution like you would not believe. It's true; before they were ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’, those two were just your everyday ‘Leroy + Ruthie’ or ‘Ron + Darlene’—a couple of plaid-clad lovebirds flashing peace signs and breaking curfew.

Thank goodness there is just enough photographic evidence of this said awesomeness to pique our curiosity and ensure us that our parents might just get us more than we think. So this holiday, pour another glass of eggnog, and pull up a chair next to the ones who invented awesome.

December 14, 2009

2 Girls. 1 Cute Invitation.

Check out these sweet ABC birthday invitations we created for our friends Steve and Angie for their twin daughters' first birthday party. Homespun in the hippest way, Angie carried this look out beautifully with purple and green gerber daisies, vintage-styled wooden alphabet blocks, and a custom cake created by Take the Cake to match the invitations. You know how we love handsome design made of sugar...mmmarvelous. Happy belated birthday, Zella and Mica!

Images 3 and 4: Neysa Ruhl Photography; Image 5: David Schlosser

December 9, 2009

Yummy Designs by Amy Atlas

Dessert meet design. Design, dessert. Now that we're all acquainted, let's party! It's not often two of my favorite things in the world coexist as harmoniously as they do on Amy Atlas's signature dessert tables. Works of art in their own right, these stunners are no doubt the highlight of the party—drawing guests in with their out-of-this-world details and heavenly flavors. Coveted by big names such as O Magazine, Martha Stewart, Better Homes & Gardens, and Preston Bailey, Amy Atlas is a must-have for many high-profile events in New York and around the country—and it's easy to see why everyone is still hungry for more.

It's no secret we strive to add that designer's edge to all of our goodies, but it's such a treat (no pun intended) to see this degree of artistry carried out with sugary edibles. Thank you Amy, for surprising us with your creativity and keen sense of style.