June 25, 2009

Typography by Linzie Hunter

Today, we are captivated by these typographic illustrations from Linzie Hunter. Linzie is an uber-talented illustrator out of London with an affinity for print-making and book-binding. Her style is the perfect marriage of gorgeous imperfection—the kind you can really only gain from using your hands—with just enough polish to really let the unique letterforms and shapes shine. We think her quirky, yet poignant style and unexpected wit are a breath of fresh air.

Even the pages of her sketchbooks are mind-blowing.

June 24, 2009

Looking to the Classics

I have always had a soft spot for collecting vintage gems. I love to spend hours strolling the grounds of flea markets and quaint antique shops I find off the beaten path. Little is more inspiring than something truly original—a real velvet damask pillow from the early 1900s, a wrought-iron and crystal chandelier, a barely-ripped Hitchcock poster—or in today’s case vintage gift cards in all of their lovingly aged and slightly worn glory.

Recently, a friend of ours heard about Giddy Ink and sent over a small tattered scrapbook filled with cards her grandmother had saved from her bridal shower and wedding back in 1935. I was like a kid in a candy shop. I don’t think she had any idea how much I treasured her thoughtful gesture and the pages of inspiration.

Why do we look to these classics for inspiration? When you add a modern spin to vintage elements through color, pattern or material, these beauties of yesterday are still perfectly relevant: the hand-lettered typography and engraved illustrations are such a work of art.

The pages of the book have definitely seen better days but the cards inside are so sweet and timeless in their styling that peeking inside never fails to give me a burst of creative inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

June 22, 2009

Pushing the Envelope

We like to turn each piece we do on its side just a touch—it’s kind of a Giddy signature. We keep people on their toes and make the work we do special, relevant and memorable from start to finish. Let’s take a typical envelope for example, and stroll through some fresh and lovely examples of what can be done to make a tired envelope more than a vehicle to send something. Check out how we and other artists are able to make it an integral part of the piece and the perfect pre-cursor for what’s inside.

Let’s start with material. There are millions of colors, papers, shapes and sizes. Is the stock appropriate for the tone of what’s inside. Is the stock heavy enough to convey a feeling of sophistication? And likewise, does the color, weight, and flap shape pair well with the look and tone of the content inside?

Ok, let’s take it a step further. Can we make the envelope out of something else entirely that coordinates perfectly with our event—like a doily for a bridal shower or a map for a destination wedding? Can we tastefully line the inner flap with a pop of patterned paper or a family photo? Can we make “the back” “the front”? Can we experiment with creative enclosures like a string and tie or put a spin on classic wax seal? Ooo. What about custom stamps that match the rest of the piece?

DIY lace doily envelope: Martha Stewart Weddings, map envelope: Keetsa
Recycled Envelopes: Craftster

photo envelope liners: Martha Stewart Weddings
food lined envelopes: geschichtenvonkat

The options go on and on how to spice up this notoriously functional piece, and if the shoe fits, we say push it as far as the postal service allows. Add bold graphics around the address or take it a step further and print all the way over over the flap. Hey, let’s consider forgoing the envelope all together, save a tree and make a beautiful self-mailer.

printed envelope: Studio on Fire
birdy self mailers: Benign Objects
Yes, it’s a pure simple concept: an envelope. But as you can see, when you add a sprinkle of creative thinking, it, like so many design vehicles, is rich with opportunity to express yourself perfectly and never ever be confused with junk mail.

airmail envelope notebook: Your Secret Admiral

June 15, 2009

The fabulous, Neysa Ruhl

As a creative person, once in a while another creative person comes along whose vision really resonates with you. This is Neysa Ruhl to Giddy. A true photojournalist, Neysa composes light, emotion and intimacy as very few photographers can—all with captivating focus and just a hint of vintage drama. The result is pure magic. Perfect tears falling at just the right moment. Billowing veils with light pouring through their creases right at sunset. The fleeting embrace between a father and son. These are the moments Neysa prides herself on capturing—visual stories told just exactly as they really happened. More than any posed shots, she challenges herself to “capture the thing that will never happen again.” And does she ever. Neysa’s passion for her craft is contagious, and her tireless quest for perfection is downright inspiring. Can’t wait to see what she’ll do next.

June 12, 2009

Pen and Ink

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Pen and Ink’s Lisa Ridgley, a wonderfully talented calligrapher from the east coast that our bride asked for by name. We just had to share these goodies! Classic letterform stature set off of by playful ascenders and descenders. We were totally in awe of the perfect artistry she delivered on all 250 of our bride’s envelopes—stunning, consistent and clean down to the finest details.The bottom two images are samples from the wedding we did together.

We can't wait to work with Lisa again.

June 10, 2009

National Stationery Show

We are back from our fabulous trip to the National Stationery Show at the Javits Center in New York City. As you can imagine it was chock full of what seemed like miles and miles of inspiration. It was a thrill to meet some of our favorite design and letterpress studio owners, and experience some of the freshest, well-crafted stationery design being produced right now. Not to mention, quality time with nice people who love paper is something you can never get enough of.

We feel inspired, and even cooler, we felt there is a place for Giddy right at the heart of the national stationery scene. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities at our fingertips right now.

After the show closed each day we kept plugging away too. We met with Mariam Naficy, the founder of Minted.com as well as attended a swanky cocktail party at the Rainbow Room hosted by the NSS…work should always be this much fun.

June 9, 2009

We are Giddy.

Welcome, friends. Giddy Ink is a custom stationery and design studio run by us: two friends named Lauren and Andrea who have a shared passion for beautiful, innovative design. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our website and this blog, Always Tuesday. Always Tuesday is a special place, named after the exhilarating day we chose to take the leap in starting our beloved business. Here, we will share things we love: inspirational images and ideas, innovative products and people as well as showcase some of our own very special projects. Our clients never cease to keep us inspired, and we want to share the love. Visit us often for a sneak peak into our creative minds at work.

So why the name Giddy Ink? There is a difference between being giddy and being happy. It may sound like we’re splitting hairs, but the distinction is precisely why Giddy Ink exists. Giddiness happens on that rare occasion when something tickles your fancy in a way that evokes something extra. It’s caused by extraordinary moments and things, and when it’s felt, one might even giggle out loud unexpectedly. Simply put, we are giddy about design. Our approach is to revel in the details. We add the touches that distinguish you and add your personality to the piece—the thoughtfully written words and images that express the true spirit of your message. Our goal is to help you create things that look like they matter—things worth remembering, saving and reading again and again and again. Creating beautiful designs for the small pauses in life is what makes us giddy.

Check us out and come back here often to see what we're up to next. Always feel free to send us your thoughts and comments, and most importantly, do something today that makes you giddy.