February 21, 2010

Alice Fever

In anticipation of Tim Burton's fantastically peculiar take on Alice in Wonderland (opening March 5), I thought these curious Alice-inspired shots might strike your fancy. Photographed by the one and only Annie Leibovitz for Vogue magazine, I'm completely intrigued by the way this shoot so dynamically captures the essence of couture fashion while staying true to the magic and pseudo-twisted fantasy that is the classic tale of Alice: the proverbial rabbit hole, the mad hatter tea party and advice from a caterpillar just to name a few. Enjoy them—and yes, you know where to find me on March 5.

February 9, 2010

Feature: Wildflower Linens

Once again, the boundaries of design have transcended my expectation—this time leaving me in awe of items as seemingly ordinary as chair covers and table linens. Check out these beauties from Wildflower Linens, and I think you'll agree. These table dressings are a far cry from anything you've ever seen before and are more than worthy of my jaw dropping as I peruse the gallery.
Featured in remarkable publications such as Grace Ormonde, Inside Weddings, Your Wedding Day, Bride and Bloom and Equisite Weddings, the artists at Wildflower are clearly putting event linens in a class of their own. Layers upon luscious layers of lavish fabric, lace, and liberally-used glorious texture are used to create a totally original experience for each event. And I can't help but notice that the florals and glassware are perfectly propped to complete the experience down to the last artful detail.
If you're looking to transport your guests to a never-seen-before magical place, don't forget the tables. We say think far, far beyond the typical white satin chair cover, and dress those tables as creatively as you dress yourself. Pair unexpectedly, create slightly different experiences at each table, use color, and of course, accessorize!